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Sugarfoot has been established and involved with breeding horsesPhotobucket for over 30 years.  We have now in our stables, Buckskins, Champagnes, IMG_3135lillypalominos, spotted horses and, who I believe is Australia's only pure Falabella Stallion  our handsome Falabella Mohican ( Imp Arg.).

        We are a small stud  where all the creatures know their names and interact everyday  with their human slaves.sunset,outback,australia,australian

          We are situated on the Central West Slopes and starPlains of  New South Wales and the  area we live in, being  semi-arid, we have blistering summers and bitterly cold winters.                                       

       The farm is dotted with kurrajong trees, and during the spring months, the paddock are covered in bright yellow native paper daisies. 

   Towering river gums line the creek which meanders across the farm. ThePhotobucket creek does not run unless its raining, but it has deep, cool billabongs which tend to keep the horses entertained during the summer... until the billabongs dry up.... then there is always mud baths.     

         The conditions under which our horses grow and live, creates an animal  which is hardy and copes well in our harsh Australian climate.




Falabella International Preservation Association

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